Just a Mom Living a Life of Momdom…

Yup, that’s me…Just a regular mom living a life of Momdom, which according to my spellchecker is not a word, yet all you mom’s know what I mean. I spend most of my day doing the following:

Wishing I could nap

When what I wish my life was more like that of a soap opera mom where I’d have time to run a big corporation in heels, have children that somehow I don’t remember giving birth to, always have perfect nail polish on, not a hair out of place, and my kids would disappear and not show up to give me trouble again until they were 17 yet somehow able to live on their own, something about trust funds…

Yeah, I would have loved to have had labor where I didn’t remember the 9 months of being pregnant, child birth, nursing, or the terrible twos. All while staying a perfect size two. Yeah, because that’s so real life. In my real life, morning sickness lasted 14 weeks, then toxemia kicked in long enough for me to triple my body weight before the kid was a year old. (Oh wait, the kid is supposed to triple his body weight by his first birthday not the mother. Why didn’t any body tell me that?)

So yes, my life is is boringly normal at times. But you know, I am glad. I am glad that I am not so popular that people have created blogs to discuss how bad they hate me. I feel for families like the Duggars where there are not one, but several message boards where people just discuss how they hate them. I mean seriously, if you hate them that much, watch something else. You have cable, isn’t there anything else on? I know I don’t have cable and I only have 4 channels to choose from unless it’s windy, then we get 2 or 5 depending on the direction of the wind, but seriously, if you have cable you should have a selection. Change the channel and grow over yourself already.

Most of my day is spent doing genealogy. I look for women who died 50-100 years ago, who yes, spent their days doing laundry, dishes, lunch, wishing they had time for a nap. Like me they tripled their body weight by the time their first born was a year old as well. I have pictures to prove it. It’s just our genetic code to be thin until that first child is born. Don’t tell my reed thin girls that. Let them enjoy being thin and eating everything in sight a little longer. Besides I’d like to be a grandmother someday. 😉
Those women, like me, just spent their days making sure kids were fed, washed, clothed, educated, and bed. That was their entire existence. They did not strive to be a famous mommy blogger or to be the first president of the United States. They just wanted to raise good children who would continue on their hopes and dreams. Their belief system. That’s me. Just a Mom. Raising three kids who will carry on my hopes and dreams. My belief system. And hopefully someday, make me a grandmother. Just not anytime soon. 😉 In the meantime if you hate me, that’s fine, there are at least three other channels out there, unless the wind is good then you might find 4.


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