Will The Entertainment Center Fit on That Wall?

It was a simple statement really. You see, if you are new, we don’t have cable. We only get four channels, so we don’t watch a lot of TV. We’ve lived here almost 15 years. We put our entertainment center on the most inconvenient wall of the living room 15 years ago, because that is where the builder (a man with no decorating sense at all) had put the cable outlets. So for 15 years we had stared into the sun to watch the TV, because on both sides of the TV were two floor to ceiling windows…

So since we aren’t attached to cable outlets anymore and I was wanting to move everything around to make room for the Christmas tree, and a recliner we have moved in for Mom, I wanted to FINALLY move the entertainment center to the wall where I wanted it 15 years ago. Hubby said No. Fine. I know what the Bible says about submission and so I decided that No it was. The Bible says nothing about pouting…

So On Saturday, Hubby decided that the entertainment center could be moved to the other wall. Man, does he ever have a way of making a woman wish she hadn’t pouted…I just want my living room back. You see we bought our electronics in the 80s when BIG was in. Big hair, big houses, big cars, big TVs, big speakers. Bigger was better. Our TV weights 200 lbs. I am not joking. It seriously weights 200 lbs. It only gets four channels. That’s 50 lbs a channel…

So he moved the entertainment center, and all the video equipment all day Saturday and all day Sunday and now it is my job to…


  • Yes, you guessed it DUST BUNNIES… LOL

    But now that all the furniture is back in it’s rightful place only facing the other direction for a change. I like it alot. In fact, I am convinced the room is larger. Much larger in fact. I am wondering what happened. Did he throw out some of my furniture when he was tossing video equipment that didn’t work any longer? Did a plant or two go when he tossed the VHS tapes (Why did they get rid of Beta by the way?)? So now our entire family of six can watch TV all at the same time. As LONG AS>>>>no one moves. Yes, you read that right. Seems the reason he told me NO was that the antenna that brings in the four channels is on the roof. And it comes down the front wall of the house. You know the wall the entertainment center was on. Now the couch and recliner are on that wall. So if you move, you block the antenna, which means Oprah gets all squiggly, which frankly was kinda entertaining, except for I did want to hear what Sarah Palin had to say today. So as long as we watch TV like couch potatoes, we are fine. But if we try and get in a little leg lifts at the same time, well, the reception, goes well, out the floor to ceiling windows…

    In genealogy news, I was able to do a little census work last night. Didn’t really find anyone new, just finding brothers and sisters of people already in my database. Sometimes you get lucky and find a parent living with someone or find out that a great uncle is married to a great aunt on another branch that way. Didn’t find much new like that last night. Mainly just discovered that with Footnotes census search and Heritage Quests Online Census if you have access to the HQ stuff through your library card, you can use Footnote indexing to tell you what page and you don’t need to know the exact spelling for the HQ census. Which is a boon for families like mine that never spelled a name the same way twice. You don’t even need a Footnote subscription. The free Footnote census search tells you the Civil District and Page number. So you can browse the HQ census and find the right page. Not as fast as you can with a subscription of course, but a lot cheaper. If you are just using it for census work it’s a good way to save money.

    So that’s about all I did today. I was very much in a do nothing sort of mood. I could have napped all day long. Think I am going to go to bed early tonight. Stayed up way too late last night.


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