Brr, it’s cold…

It’s been in the 70s here lately and I have been doing some fall cleaning. You know window washing, pulling out furniture and cleaning behind it, etc. But got up this morning to take #3 to school, pulled back the covers, and pulled them right back. High today is supposed to be 57.

Then I remembered I have to take off my wedding ring. You see, my ring is actually a Mother’s Ring, that Hubby bought me about 8 years ago, when I was a little thinner than I am now, pre my dad dying of cancer, and it is a size 4. I have very tiny fingers. And on Friday I have to have an MRI, which means NO JEWELRY, so I decided this morning, when the swelling in the fingers is the lowest is the best time to get the ring off my size 5 knuckle. So I get out of bed, with no glasses, put lotion on my finger, hobble to the bathroom (more on that later), sit on the apparatus that is in there, and the phone rings. I forgot today was the day the guy was going to deliver the drier. SO I have delivery men on the way, a ring half on, half off my finger, I am not especially dressed for company, (hot flashes you see) and I can’t see two inches in front of my face, and I am moving at a snails pace.

So needless to say, ring is still on my finger. I will try again tomorrow.

So to why I can’t walk very fast. I have arthritis in my back bone. Been going to PT for it and yesterday had to go back to the bone doctor. Pain level when I first saw him was about a 4. My 4 is most people’s 8. Being used to daily migraines, I can tolerate a lot of pain. But after two weeks of PT, my pain level is now at a 7. Doctor seems to think that my muscles have decided to join the party and of course, he wants me to keep those exercises up. So I have joined Erin at She really wants to kill the ENTIRE INTERNET for a month of exercise. I am not doing the Shred though. My doctor wants me to do 20 minutes of PT exercises each day, and I am trying to also do 20 minutes of Wii fit Yoga each day. I do part in the morning and the other part in the evening after the drugs kick in. I am not opposed to stating I am now doing drugs. Yes, I am now a big fan of Aspirin and MethylPrednisolone. If you have issues with me, deal with it, I have to keep moving some how. I have an MRI scheduled for Friday to make sure no damage is done that isn’t showing on Xray. The doctor thinks it’s just me over doing it and I tend to concur. So today I am sitting on a heating pad, reading Mommy Blogs, and Face Book and trying to decide if I want Hubby to put in the new garbage disposal tonight or hang my curtains in the living room if he has time after he puts in the new drier. Hey a girls got to milk this for all it’s worth. Last night he folded a load of towels. Well, actually 1/3 a load of towels. We have a small 110 drier we bought years ago for emergencies, and it only holds 1/3 a load at a time. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? My muscles will adapt in a few more weeks the pain will go away and I will be back to doing my own laundry and curtain hanging. Heck, I’ll probably be the one to put in the garbage disposal too, if he waits long enough.


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