My nemesis The Dust Bunny Strikes Again…

What is it about this house? I clean and dust all the time, but we are over run with dust bunnies. Our fridge has been on the blink and I swear the compressor hasn’t run all day. Took two days to get the delivery guy out here and all he did was clean the coils. Seems DUST BUNNIES were causing my fridge to overheat!

Does anyone else have these issues or am I the only woman in the world fighting this battle of good and evil against small brown bugs so small I can’t even see them until they turn into DUST?

Apparently I am not because there is actually a website called Dust Bunny Facts. I am serious. When your URL is, that says a lot about you. Just saying. But they are wrong. Dust bunnies do not prefer small hidden places. They prefer my large house. They are not hidden here. They are in plain site, everywhere. They are taking over every square inch of my universe…

Wikipedia claims they only form under areas that aren’t cleaned regularly. Well, that might be true if by regularly, they mean constantly. Because I vacuum my house every day. I sweep every day, and I mop at least once a week and I still have dust bunnies, what about you? Huh, do you resent that Wikipedia claims that you are unclean? I know I do.

But I think I may actually want to throw away good money on one of these.
Dustbunny Cleaner Even if it does look like one of those scary ferret toys they sell at Cracker Barrell Weazel Ball which by the way are far cheaper.

So for days now, I have been fall cleaning my house and today I get to the kitchen. If I had started there, I could have saved myself $52 and a day of sitting at home waiting on the repair guy. Lesson learned: If you don’t know what the problem is, see if there’s a dust bunny involved.


2 thoughts on “My nemesis The Dust Bunny Strikes Again…

  1. There is an entire family of dust bunnies that live in the basement…I find them at the base of the basement stairs all the time. I clean and I clean and then I turn around and they’re back. Sadly, I’ve given up, conceded defeat and grown to accept them…so if you see the dust bunnies at the base of my basement stairs, please pet them and give them love…they’re here to stay.

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