Waiting on the Workman…

Fridge still on the blink… Hubby called and the frigde guy was supposed to come after 1 pm YESTERDAY. I am still waiting. I called last night around 4:15 and they asked YET AGAIN, for the model number to check YET AGAIN, to see if they had the part in stock. Sorry for the yelling, it seems they are not listening to me. Hubby gave them the model number LAST THURSDAY and told them then it was the thermostat. So I have deep freezer that alternately cooks and freezes food.

So I wait on the workman to come by and put in the part. And waiting is not my strong suit. I hate waiting on workmen because it seems like the day you are waiting on them, a million things will come up that you need to do away from the house. And today is no different. So I have to call and confront the work people and then call and confront the doctors office and I HATE confrontation. So today isn’t looking like it’s going to be a good day.

So if anyone out there is waiting on a workman like me, pop in and comment. We’ll commiserate together.


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