Tree’s up!

The girls worked all day today but our tree is up and ready for decorations. I cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for Mom and the kids today and we ate a nice dinner. Afterwards, the girls put the tree up while I put out the decorations and the guys watched football. The tree is up, and lighted, ready for decorating tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully after church we can get the ornaments on the tree and then I can start doing the age old mothering ritual called, “What do you want for Christmas?” Thing is, my kids do want things for Christmas, they just don’t know what. They want me to magically be able to read their minds and I want to be able to, but they don’t even know what they want, how am I susposed to know what they want, when even they don’t.

I think most of the stress of the holidays comes not from overspending but rather from trying to find the perfect gift for someone, when even they don’t know what would be the perfect gift. I mean seriously, if I gave them money, they’d wander the store trying to find something to spend it on. They don’t have a heart’s desire, because they have everything they need provided to them year round. They don’t do without food, clothing, shelter, love, attention… You name it, they have it. They aren’t spoiled, but basic necessities are there for them and they don’t worry about where they are coming from. And then there are the finer things in life that are there for the taking as well. Not in abundance, but they do have nice things. So ask them what they want for Christmas and they just don’t know.

Hubby asked for a garbage can. I kid you not. The man asked for a larger garbage can. The only thing on his list so far. One with wheels since the one he has he has to carry and he rolls it to the curb on an old skateboard. He wants a garbage can.

Yup, Christmas at our house should be fun. Here Mom, here’s your payment on the drier. Here #1, here’s your second semester of college. Here #2, here’s your band trip. Here #3, here’s your toothbrush (don’t ask.) Here Hubby, here’s your garbage can. Let’s eat…


2 thoughts on “Tree’s up!

  1. Wow! You guys work fast! Our Christmas tree will go up for Superman’s birthday weekend, as is our tradition! As for gifts, we’re struggling to figure it all out, too!

  2. I can so relate to this post!! I hope you put a big red bow on the garbage can – like they do on cars 🙂

    For years my family has discussed how there is really nothing that we need and not much that we want – oh, that all expense paid trip to Europe of course – but nothing that we could buy for each other. Last year I gave everyone “gifts” from Heifer, Intl and they all loved them. Not sure what we are doing this year.

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