Has Anybody Seen Baby Jesus???

We don’t put Baby Jesus in our Nativity until Christmas Eve. You see, He hasn’t been born yet. We are awaiting His arrival much the same way Mary and Joseph did some 2000 years ago. There’s only one problem with our premise, of course. About 5 years ago, on Christmas Eve, Hubby went up to the attic to get Baby Jesus and came down empty handed. No one has seen the plastic baby Jesus that goes with our outdoor lighted Nativity since.

So we improvise with a Baby Tenderlove doll. If you are between the ages of 40 and 50 you may remember Baby Tenderlove. She had blond hair. You could feed her special foods that would, once you gave her a bottle of water, wash right through her and she would “soil her diapers” just like a real baby. I got her for my 6th Christmas, which I really wasn’t all that impressed, because soon there after, I turned 7 and my aunt gave birth to a real baby, my cousin M, and left her with Mom to babysit while she went back to work. I had a real baby, with real soiled diapers. Who needed Baby Tenderlove, when I have Baby M? But along about age 9, I hit my triplets age. Had God given me the desires of my heart, I would have given birth to triplets. I coveted triplets from the age of nine on. I never forgave my mother for me being a singleton. In fact, I made her get a certified copy of my birth certificate to prove that I was indeed a single birth and not part of a triplet birth and someone else was raising my siblings. It was shortly after my ninth birthday that our house was destroyed by a tornado, and so my wish for triplets came my desire, when not one, but three Baby Tenderloves came to live at our house. I was the perfect mother to them. And now, one of them is our surrogate Baby Jesus every Christmas. Other than the fact that Baby Tenderlove was a female, she fills the role perfectly.

So if you are driving around looking at Christmas lights, and you happen to notice that someone has two Baby Jesuses in their front yard, remember, Jesus was not a twin or a triplet. That other Baby Jesus is probably the one from our front yard. He probably got stuck to a few stray socks and snuck out one dark night when no one was looking. Just bring him back home. No questions ask. Baby Tenderlove’s sisters are missing her.


3 thoughts on “Has Anybody Seen Baby Jesus???

  1. ROFL…that is so funny. YOu’re not the first person I’ve known who has had to admit that Baby Jesus has gone missing…

    As for making your mom prove you weren’t a triplet, I can just see it!

  2. Oh Generations…Now I truly know YOUR pain. I stripped the wallpaper in my craft room and it took days. It came off one inch at a time. My shoulders felt like they were just going to drop my arms right off. You can do it though. If I could do it you certainly can. I was able to do my room in a few days so you should be able to get it done by the 19th. Good luck to you , my thoughts are with you.

  3. Loveaphid, Yup, that’s exactly what it’s doing around the shower. It’s driving me crazy. But the room itself went a little faster today. Hubby has to take down the mirror, lights and towel rod tomorrow so I can finish. I can’t reach behind the toilet. But then on Monday I should be ready to paint! That part will go pretty quickly and then I can redecorate and have a nice new bathroom by the time my family comes. I wanted to redo the floor and the surround to the jacuzzi, but that was more money than our budget would allow right now.

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