New Bathroom, I must be Insane…

I have been wanting to take down the wallpaper in our master bath pretty much since the day we finish putting it up. Let me explain. I found it on sale. A really good sale. Hubby and I started putting it up and immediately we realized why it was on such a good sale. It wasn’t pasted good. So we bought some extra paste and continued to put it up. Got about half the bathroom done, when we got a call from my mom. Dad had cancer in one lung. They were going to remove the lung. He’d be fine. No need to come up. I told her I’d come any way. I’d see her in a few hours. She called me before we could even get packed and believe me, we are fast packers, having lots of experience with my brother. Dad’s cancer was in both lungs- could I please come. Mom, I’m on my way. Dad lived for nine short months. He had bone and lung cancer. It was stage four when they found it. He got chemo and radiation. It didn’t help.

When we got home, I was so depressed, I just couldn’t function for a year. I gained 60 pounds. I stared at the walls. Finally Hubby said, let’s finish the wall paper. I think he hoped it would get me back to living life. I hated it from the minute it was finished. By the time we got the last part up, the first part was already starting to fall. We began sticking it back up with Elmer’s glue when it would fall. About two years ago, I took down two walls worth and painted just because I felt like I was making a move towards removing it. Hubby didn’t want to get rid of the rest. I submitted to his will. Until last week. Last week I went out, bought new paint, and decided with or without him, that wall paper was coming down, and so for the last few days, I have been taking down that wallpaper one teeny tiny strip at a time. Why is it that the fool stuff wouldn’t stay on the wall until I wanted it down and now it won’t come off the wall no matter how hard I try?

Today Hubby joined me. I had all the paper down, except behind the mirror, which is as big as a twin bed, and the lights and the towel rods. I need to Spackle around the shower head and around the shower stall. I needed to fix some nail holes. I needed help. He and I worked together all day, getting the room ready to paint, and while he worked, I painted the two walls that were painted before the new color. It feels good. It looks good. We still have a lot more work to do before the bathroom is ready for company on the 19th when we are having a house full of guests. But I think we will be ready. And most importantly, I think Daddy will be proud. I am back in the land of the living.


3 thoughts on “New Bathroom, I must be Insane…

  1. I have been for about three years now. Dad would have wanted it that way. It just took me a while to get my bearings. I was a bit of a daddy’s girl.

  2. Do you have any pictures? I’d love to see it!

    My dad has been gone for two years now and I still have moments where I miss him so much! I can only imagine how my mom must feel.

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