He’s got that Joy, Joy, Joy…

down in his heart… He weighs less than 2 ozs.

Yes, I am talking about our Zebra Finch, Leo. He is the perkiest bird you will ever meet. He spends his days redecorating his house the kids put in the cage because they read that he’d have babies if he had a house. (At the time we had two birds, both male.) I didn’t discourage them, despite the fact that both birds were male, because I figured, the birds needed somewhere to sleep and maybe the pet store was wrong. Leo has not disappointed in his attempts to create a loving home. He just hasn’t created a family. (Thank you, Lord!)

Leo gets everyone up at the crack of dawn. He goes to bed at 8 pm. Sharp! When the kids have sleep overs, he tolerates Rock Band and Karaoke. I tell the girls that Leo’s bedtime is 8 pm. They roll their eyes and say sure, Mrs. T. I laugh and go to bed. I know Leo’s bedtime is 8 pm, because Leo’s get up time is 4 am. And Leo does NOT get up alone. The next morning, 8 little girls get up with Leo.

Leo is never sad. He has life good and he knows it. He has a home, food, water, love. He has already outlived his life expectancy, and his partner, who was a bit of a gloomy Gus. From Leo, I have learned that exercise, a positive attitude and a clean house at the keys to longevity. It doesn’t hurt to have that Joy, Joy, Joy down in your heart.

Yes, Leo is a happy bird. Some would say, like Job, he has no reason to not be. God has set a wall of protection around him. But that’s not really true. Leo has lived in a house of cats. He lives by a window, where it gets cold. He is growing older each day. He lives alone. Leo has lots of reason to be depressed. He just chooses to be happy. Life is about choices. Leo chooses to be content. What are your choices in life?


2 thoughts on “He’s got that Joy, Joy, Joy…

  1. You have a Zebra Finch? I love those! Leo is a good reminder that life is what we make of it!

  2. Finches are so tiny and cute! My mom had one and my brother had a couple. Love their little squeaky chirps! I love that yours has a schedule!

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