Remodel, Not Done, but I have pictures….

This is the view out our bay window. This is the end of the bathroom away from the shower area which isn’t totally finished yet.

The door area. Was hoping this would show the colors better.

So we aren’t totally done with the remodel yet. Sorry. No before images, because like the 400 pound woman who didn’t want to admit how bad it was, I just didn’t take any. But I am really proud of how it is turning out. It still needs some touch up and some cleaning, but it is looking really, really good and I couldn’t wait to share.

So my friend Erin at Nagle 5 won’t worry any more, I got all my test results back and they were all fine. It appears I just retain water! Yeah. Since I do have SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia), it was a concern and the doctor is treating it as such, but there is nothing wrong with my heart. The doctor did a heart ECHO, which was perfectly normal. That was a huge relief, because I was worried about congestive heart failure. You see, my mom is one of 10 children. She is 68. She has a brother who is alive who is 62. She had one other sister who lived to be 60. The rest of her siblings lived to be in their 40s. All died of massive heart attacks. The first time they had any heart trouble was when they died. Scary stuff as I reach that age range. But the doctor pronounced me one of her healthiest patients. So I am exercising right along with Erin and trying to not gain any weight during this holiday season, plus I’d like to lose a little bit more of the weight I gained when I was depressed over Dad’s death (still carrying a few of those pounds) and I am eating right and I am thanking Almighty God that He has sent me an internet family that cares as much about me as the real life one that I am surrounded by every single day. I love you guys so much!


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