Merry Christmas!

The young men who took our Nativity have been found and have brought it back home. This was not a teenage prank. That is all I am allowed to say on the subject. Please join me and my family in praying for them and their families in this Christmas season.

But we are pleased to have our beautiful Nativity back home, newly rewired, and fully working (one of the things that was on my Christmas list was for Hubby to rewire the camels) and we are so excited to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

You may ask yourself would we still feel this way had it not been returned? Yes, we are glad to have our property back, but we would still be celebrating our Savior’s birth. He has not changed today, yesterday and He won’t change tomorrow. It is because of Him that I can forgive and move on in life. I am excited about our family’s Christmas party tomorrow. We made Rudolph cookies today from a recipe I found at My Friend Erin’s They are so cute. Not a nutter butter fan, but I can’t wait to serve them. And they were so easy to make. My 11 year old made them pretty much by herself, though she refused to put the eyes on stating they were staring at her. LOL Thanks Erin for all the cool ideas, my party is going to be the coolest goofy gift party on the block.

Christmas music is playing and God has been showing in so many ways today how He has blessed me in the last year that I swear I am a basket of tears today. Hubby just looks at me, laughs shakes his head and walks off. We both realize we have been truly blessed with our children. #1 just finished his first semester of college. We don’t have grades yet, but he feels like his lowest average will be an 82 which he as greatly chastised himself over. LOL Can you believe he’d waste my money like that. #2 had her band concert last night and contrary to the rumor mill, I did NOT cry most of the way through it. I swear is this what getting old is going to be like? #3 had her first band concert. I did good through that part. It was mostly upbeat Christmas songs and I didn’t think about endings, but beginnings. (cold football games, concession stands, band trips…)

As for shopping, well somebody do some for us, because I can honestly say this hasn’t been a consumeristic Christmas at our house. No one wanted anything until the Nativity came up missing and then all the kids wanted was it back. Now that it’s back we just watch it out the window like we’ve been given a million dollars. LOL I know it’s just plastic and light bulbs, but we have a lot of memories in that plastic and light bulbs.

So to you and yours Merry Christmas! We have everything in life we want right here at our house. Mom is here with us. The kids are all three home and healthy. Hubby and I are together. Life is so good. God is so good. Looking forward to 2010. May it be a good genealogy year for all of you.


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