Merry Almost Christmas…

I will be too busy with the kids, Hubby and Mom tomorrow and the next day to post. So here it is folks. Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus! Hope you have had a great genealogy year. This year has been one of transitions for our family. One of learning to be a family of six, which it seems restaurants aren’t made for any more than they were families of five. 😉 We’ve learned to enjoy each other when we are able to be together, because these days, we aren’t together as much as I’d like us to be. And that is only going to get worse since yes you guessed it #2 got accepted to the same college her brother is already attending! I am now the proud mother of TWO COLLEGE STUDENTS! Sorry for the yelling, but one has to be proud at a moment like that.

So in a few short months we will be a part time family of four, which hey, restaurants are made for, LOL and a part time family of six. I am looking forward to being at home full time and finally having some time to myself in the new year. It’s been a busy few weeks since I quit work, with cleaning house, redecorating, Christmas decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, etc. So some down time is on my agenda.

SO as you enter this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I hope it finds you and yours doing well. Santa has put everythingone under my tree I asked for this year. I am the most blessed woman in the world. My prayer for you as that you are doing as well.


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