Happy New Year!

Wow! 2010. Let me tell you a little story. It was May 1992. I was holding #2, she’d just been born and Hubby said, when will SHE graduate. I’d had a T-shirt made saying “Class of 2009” for #1 that I wore basically until he was born, because it was the only thing left in my wardrobe that fit, and here we were 16 months later and another child and I looked at him and said, “she’ll be a member of the class of 2010”. It seemed like forever. She was so tiny and new.

FAST forward to today. She is at the Sugar Bowl playing with her high school band. She is a senior and it is 2010. She will graduate in 5 months. And it seems like not long enough. Where did the time go? I did all the right things. I sprinkled her with fairy dust every single night so she’d stay little. I put rocks in her pockets so she’d grow slowly. And yet, here we are. She’s going to walk across that grass and get a diploma and get in that little car her father bought off the side of the road a few months ago and drive it 80 minutes down the road to the same college her brother is at and she’s going to start the next part of her life. And we are going to start counting down the days to 2014. And there’s nothing I can do about it but celebrate the fact that my children have done exactly what I taught them to do. They have become self sufficient young adults, capable of caring for themselves in the real world. They can cook, clean, pump their own gas. They have employment, are enrolled in college, and #1 is doing very well with a 3.5 GPA. Yes, I taught them to stand on their own two feet and they took that lesson and ran with it. I have done my job and apparently done it well. I should be proud of myself and I admit I am. But I am afraid too. For you see, the more they are able to stand on their own two feet the further away they are able to walk. And when I walked away from home at the ripe old age of twenty, it was a two hour drive away. Independence seems to be part of our DNA and my older two seem to have inherited it.

So am I happy this New Year? You bet ya! You see, I still came home to visit. I still called home. And I still love my mom. And that you see, is part of their DNA too.


One thought on “Happy New Year!


    you said the important words “I still called home”.

    I have my own home and am very very happy and my mum and dad have moved five times since I left, but where ever they are, has and always will be home to me

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