Goodbye Chipper…

It was a hard day yesterday.. #2 went to bed Tuesday night fine, but about 30 minutes later #3 came down and said, “Daddy, #2 isn’t feeling well. She’s hot and can’t walk.” We went up and she was running a high fever. Her legs were weak, and she was congested. Flu… So a trip to the doctor was in order where they did a flu test. It was negative, but they said she had every symptom and they were pretty sure we just came in early. Fever by Wednesday night was 102.5. We were alternating Motrin and Tylenol and it wasn’t budging. And to top that off, Chipper our new Guinea Pig wasn’t doing well.

I haven’t even had time to introduce you to Chipper. I know I had said I was done with pets and well, now you know why. But #3 was really taking the loss of our puppy hard and at 12 I knew she needed something to love and so I allowed Santa to bring a little Calico Guinea Pig she named Chipper.

He was a very sweet guinea pig, but from the beginning I wondered if something was wrong with him, because he would sit for hours in her lap and not try and get down. We had her keep food on a towel for him, because he would sit there for so long and never try and get away and I worried that he might get hungry. Then yesterday the older kids pointed out he wasn’t feeling good. He only lived a few more hours. We only had him for about twelve days, but it broke our hearts to lose him. We had gotten very attached to his sweet spirit already. I think he was sick when we got him, but still you wonder if you could have done something to have helped him gotten better. He definitely got lots of tender care and love while he was here. Lots of rocking and singing to. He will be missed. So with sadden hearts, we say goodbye Chipper. You never really lived up to your name. But we loved you anyway.


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