Okay, we got snow. But that wasn’t the big story. The big story was we got two days out of school. A full 21 hours before it started snowing. LOL Well not really. We did have flurries and a light dusting on the ground that morning and if you gathered all the snow on our entire property, you might could have made a snow ball. But the real stuff didn’t start until around 1 PM. And now we have a grand total of 1/4″ on the grass. So watch out. You may break a leg if you walk across my front yard and don’t watch where you are going.

The biggest worry is black ice tonight when what is on the roads melts and becomes ice. Then I do worry, because #1 will be coming home from work. But right now, the roads are for the most part clear. The kids are watching TV, surfing the internet and trying to get over the flu. Yes, kids. Because it appears we are sharing around here and now #3 is acting sick too. Not yet as sick as her sister, but sick all the same. And so our great blizzard on 2010 has been a bit of a bummer. For those of you who live where they get real snow and still have to go to school, please take pity. We don’t have snow blowers, salt trucks or whatever it is you must have. Instead we just panic, buy milk and bread we don’t need and stay home for two days and watch it flurry. For God forbide we drive in it. It might touch us.


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