It’s Saturday…

So it must be nest cleaning day… That’s what Leo does every Saturday is clean out his nest. That bird is so silly, but he reminds me that routine is good for us. It keeps us healthy, it keeps us active, it keeps our house clean, it keeps away depression. Where is Leo’s helpmate, Clementine? Well, Clementine suffered from depression and she would often sit on the perch and watch Leo as he cleaned the nest and stare off into space. Clementine died about 3 years ago. Leo and Clementine were brothers bought the same day at the same store. (Yes, I know, but the kids were hopeful we’d have babies, so one of them needed a girls name.)

Lately I have been acting a lot like Clementine. I can get depressed easily this time of year. The weather is gloomy. It’s been cold and rainy and it’s hard to get out and about. But I can choose to be like Leo. Will it add years to my life? I don’t know, but it will add quality to the years I do have. So I am going to choose today to try and be more like Leo. I can clean my cage, organizing my life a little, doing the things that make me happy.

So today I am starting with Vacation Bible School training. I love VBS, but last year I turned the reigns of VBS over to another one of the moms. She will be our director this year for the first time in twelve years. I am so excited, because I am going to be doing something I have dreamed and prayed about doing for several years now, I am going to be starting a four year old class. In the pass our four year old class was just for teachers kids, and I would love to see us be able to open it up to the community. We won’t be able to do that this year, because I will still be assistant director this year, but I am excited about VBS this year and so I am going to approach it with a Leo attitude.

Then home to do a little housework. If Leo can straighten his cage on a Saturday, so can I. 🙂


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