Wow, How does Leo do it???

Well, today was day one of my new get off my butt and get my act into gear and I just want to say. I am tired. LOL The house really wasn’t that dirty. The older two kids are working weekends so they didn’t make that many messes and #3 spent most of the weekend in the recliner reading a book and so all I really had to do house wise today was dust, sweep and laundry so I decided to go get the paint and finally spruce up our living room which I have been saying needed a new coat of paint for months. Well, I got one wall painted totally, and the pictures are back up tonight as proof! The second wall is painted, but I didn’t get the cutting in finished because it’s behind the TV and that sucker is heavy and so I got tired and finally took a little nap. Had a migraine come on and decided to take a nap. But I got my house clean, my laundry is done. #3’s laundry is actually washing as we speak (write?) and Hubby is grilling burgers. The living room is a bit messy with the furniture moved away from the walls, but maybe tomorrow I will be able to get another wall done between doctors appointments and carpooling.
By the time the weather warms up enough for me to move outside, I hope to have the inside all spruced up and ready for me to move outside. It will feel good to know that I won’t be ignoring the inside when I work outside because a few hours outside each day usually plumb tuckers me out as my grandpa would say.

So tonight I am going to enjoy a little bachelor. And later this week when I have a rest period, I am going to work on my genealogy again. I think I am getting back into the swing of having a little more free time to get things done around the house. Larger chunks of time to do bigger projects is nice. A nice new coat of paint in the Living Room is just the perfect way to wash away those winter doldrums.


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