A Doctoring We Will Go…

Why can’t I get anything done these days? Well, I seem to have become a hypochondriac. LOL Not really, I just have sick kids and I had to go to the Neurologist and mom has to have an Iron transfusion this week. Plus, #2 had to go to the Orthodontist, so I went to the doctor’s offices 5 times in one week. So that can make one feel like they have become one of those people that thinks they like to be sick, but I assure you I hate to be sick, I hate going to the doctor, despite the fact that they are very nice when I am there, they waste (in my opinion) a great deal of my time, and I hate waiting, so I may be a closet hypochondriac, but I could never be one in real life because I could never have the patience for sitting in doctor’s offices that much. But #2 is now down to every 9 months at the Ortho! Which is good because her sister is getting her braces on in a few weeks. SIGH. The Neuro now has me down to every 4 months. And hopefully a round of antibiotics will stop the constant coughing going on around my house.

Mom’s doctor had wanted to do the transfusion months ago, and mom had refused. So they were trying to do it via iron supplements, but her new doctor her insisted, and mom agreed to try it. I think the new doctor may have explained the procedure a little better. So it will be outpatient only and will take about three hours. Hopefully this will give her more energy and take away her paleness that has had me so worried.

So that’s what’s kept me busy this week instead of my well laid out plans. I’d planned on cleaning house (which thankfully I did), laundry (which is done!) and painting the living room (not so much) this week. But God had other plans. Showing me I was needed at home. As mom and daughter. So yes, I get it, I am still needed at times at home. But I will be glad when my family is well enough to not need me like this, because I don’t like seeing them suffer.

On the genealogy front, haven’t done any because it’s migraine week for me and so I have gone to be early most nights this week as well. Bad planning I guess. Maybe next week. But it’s supposed to be icy this weekend so I think I will some time to hit Footnote assuming that everyone else in the south iced in doesn’t try and do the same thing.


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