Well it didn’t start out like that…

Today was a very productive day, but as you can see, well, it didn’t start out like that. Today was supposed to be the day that Mom had her transfusion, but there was a scheduling problem and so it got rescheduled and so I knew we didn’t have to do that today and #3 came down this morning and climbed into bed with me and when I said, “Do you feel like going to school?”, she replied, “I don’t know” in Henry Kissinger’s voice, making me pretty sure that she did not. So I told her to just stay home relieving me off all duties as well and so she and I slept until 10:30! On a week day! Oh, Heaven.

So I figured nothing much would get done today. And really nothing much did get done until 2:30 when I decided to clean out my email inbox and then I put 3 cemeteries online and did some correspondence that I’d been putting off. Then the fireplace guy called and said he was on his way. You know to fix the fireplace, in the LIVING ROOM, the LIVING ROOM that I was in the middle of PAINTING! So while we were waiting on him, the girls and I straightened the Living Room and while he worked on the fire place, Hubby and I taped up the ceiling so that I could finish painting tomorrow and I got a load of clothes washed and dried and all in all it turned out to be a very productive day after all.

I am glad to get my inbox cleaned out a little. It was getting so I couldn’t read my emails. I had several emails that were opened that appeared I had read them, but I had not. That’s not good because I use my email as a way to contact researchers, cemetery photographers, my children’s schools, people I work with at church. I have to keep my email up to date and I check it several times a day. It feels good to have it under control again.

So tomorrow I hope to get some painting done and some house work done so that I can play on my computer by my new fireplace and do genealogy all weekend. I haven’t done that in forever and I think it’s time I took a little me time. Seems starting the day late didn’t put me behind schedule, it just refocused my attentions to where they needed to be. And rested me up for the day.


One thought on “Well it didn’t start out like that…

  1. I absolutely love days like the one described…not only do I get to feel like a slacker, I get a ton of stuff done. Maybe that is the key: allowing ourselves time off so that we’re refreshed when we look around looking for stuff to pique our interest later in the day.

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