Painting central is closed…

I got the living room finished late Friday night with a little help from Hubby. Thanks Hon. He taped up the crown moldings and then put all the paintings back on the wall. This is the only room where we have actual paintings, think Starving Artists, instead of family pictures on the walls, and so they are hung properly not with finishing nails and the backs of my tennis shoes. He doesn’t like my ideas of proper tools, so he hung the paintings in the living room himself and he prefers to rehang them himself. Thank you very much.

So that meant I was exhausted this morning. My muscles were actually warm to the touch last night from the exercise, and I really wanted to sleep in this morning, since it snowed yesterday. But no. My husband gets up at 5:30 no matter what and he slept in till 6:30 (which is partly my fault because for some stupid reason, I set my alarm clock-which I managed to sleep through). So by 8, he was doing things to let me know he was hungry and wanted me up too, like slamming drawers and putting his shoes on while leaning on the bed, which rocks the entire bed while he ties his shoes. What did my little puppy dog want? Shoney’s breakfast bar. We go to breakfast on Saturday mornings as our date time and he was hungry. I on the other hand wanted a breakfast bar and two more hours of sleep. He got his way. Dang rising temps.

Once home we went and got another guinea pig, who temporarily is named Waffles. He’s black and white and we’ve tried to talk her into Oreo or Flower, but she’s not sure. He looks just like a little skunk. Hopefully this one is healthy. I checked his eyes out and we watched them a good long time and he seemed frisky, but I swear if he as much as sneezes he’s going back.

My niece and nephew had a baby girl yesterday. She is doing just great and so are momma and daddy. Came home today in a small blizzard and are a little overwhelmed. We haven’t seen her yet except on Facebook, but she looks like her momma which is a good thing. LOL That makes me a great aunt, which of course, I am. I wish we lived closer so I could baby sit for them, but it’s a two hour drive. A little far to drive to go to the movies. I am sure they will find lots of eager friends to baby sit for them for a while though since they are newly marrieds as well.

My next big project is going to be finding all the air holes in this house and filling them. We are getting little leaks of air, and when it gets really cold, like tonight, it’s impossible to keep the house warm, which means high electric bills. I have been working on it for a few weeks and was rewarded with a fairly low bill compared to what other people had during our last snow storm, so it’s motivating me to see where else I can cut back. In this economy, every penny counts, and I am squeezing ours until they holler. The supplies I bought are already paying for themselves in lower bills. Not to mention it’s nicer to be warmer.

I did get some genealogy done today despite acting goofy on Facebook with my cousins. I swear that is the biggest drain on time known to man. We have more fun on there though than we would in real life. LOL Especially since I am allergic to smoke and they are all smokers. Not into farmville, or any of those kinds of things, but it is nice to see pictures of their kids and hear how they are doing after all these years of being apart.

So if anyone knows where I can get a good back rub cheap, let me know. My shoulders are still very sore and Mr. You Know Who, is fast asleep. Early to rise, early to zonk out. LOL


One thought on “Painting central is closed…

  1. Congratulations to your niece and nephew on the arrival of their new baby! And welcome to Waffles! I love the name…seriously, I love it. I hope she doesn’t change its name. (Is it still well?) I’m so glad you decided to take a chance and get another one. I sooo miss Facebook for just the kinds of things you described. Superman is adamantly opposed to it for security reasons, darn it.

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