Genealogy, Sick Kids, It Should Never End Like That…

Friday started out cold and rainy at 4 am with #3 coughing. She woke me up coughing. So we gave her cough meds and I sent her back to bed and decided she was having a nice three day weekend. I decided I could skip the rainy carpool line too and she and I could sleep in on a school day. It felt a little decadent, I admit, but I wanted her well finally.

She and I got up around 9 and spent the day in front of our computers. She watched the Simpsons and let her cold run it’s course, I worked on Genealogy and enjoyed a much needed me day. It was cold and it rained and we just enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t move from our chairs all day. We stayed in our pajamas all day.

At 2:30, my middle child came home from school and said “Mom have you heard any news?” No, I hadn’t had TV on. We’d been watching DVDs all day. “There’s been a school shooting.” At a school in our state, a 9th grade boy shot another 9th boy. By late afternoon, rumor mills were saying he’d passed away. We began to watch the news and pray for the family that it wasn’t so. We’ve never met this family. We know nothing about them. They don’t live in our county, go to our school. But two lives were changed dramatically Friday afternoon and our hearts were breaking for both families. Shortly before the 10:00 news that night it was officially announced that he’d died from his injuries. I cried for a little boy I’d never met. I prayed for a little boy who sealed his own fate, whom I never met. I prayed for both sets of parents whose lives were changed so dramatically in a matter of just seconds.

As a mom, I never understand why these things happen. My kids were asking me, “Mom why?” All I could say was, “I don’t know. We just have to pray that God’s will be done in this situation.” All I can say is when a parent sends a child to school in the morning, it should never end like that…


4 thoughts on “Genealogy, Sick Kids, It Should Never End Like That…

  1. That is horrible…just horrible. And tragic…and senseless…and sad…how do we explain the inexplicable?

  2. I don’t know. I just pray and try and let time heal. Two lives are over in a second. One can never be brought back to live to it’s potential, the other will never be allowed to live its. It is tragic and sad. I just have to believe God has a plan and trust that He is using this for His good, though it’s hard for me to see what that is.

  3. About 10 years ago we were one of those families. In our instance it was a 15 yr. old who ‘wanted to know what it felt like to shoot someone’ so he shot our 15 yr old with a high powered BB gun. Thankfully our son was not killed – he was hit in the back and it was traumatic for all of us. To see the copious amount of blood, to ride in the ambulance, to wait out the surgery, all of it was horrid – but the most gut-wrenching part was the knock on the door and someone telling me my son had been shot! It is something one never gets over per se – the same emotions flood back. Our sons learned to be responsible hunters in safety classes so we never did understand this senseless act. It wasn’t even personal! I honestly believe that as we parents have chosen to not share faith with our children, that they have become rudderless in an ever increasingly violent world. They have not learned that dead is forever and that human life, any life has value. For me, this is part of my love for genealogy – it is a way to share life with future generations by connecting them to their past. I want my sons and grandchildren to know they are part of a family who lived, loved, and yes, died. But most of all they lived! Their lives hold value still to us!
    Bonnie (valentinoswife)

  4. Wow, I am so glad your outcome had a better ending. But that scary moment when you don’t know. It has touched our whole community and we don’t even know these children. That’s what they are children caught at the brink of adulthood. With so much promise ahead of them. I see so much future in my children and I guess that makes me see so much future in every child that something like this just breaks my heart. Every life holds value to God and that is what we’ve taught our children. You mentioned you were hunters. I am sure that is one of the first things you taught your children when they started hunting was even what they are hunting had value. Daddy hunted from time to time and he’d take me occasionally and the one thing he taught me was you don’t kill for sport. You kill to put food on the table. You don’t waste any part of the animal that is usable when you hunt. Hunters respect the wildlife they are hunting. They make sure they don’t over hunt. They make sure the animals are treated respectfully the rest of the year. And he taught me to be safe. To make sure I wanted to kill what I was aiming at. That’s a big responsibility. Hunting wasn’t for me for that reason. I can eat deer, rabbit, squirrel. I realize where the chicken, cow, turkey, etc comes from on my plate. I grew up on a farm. But I do like to be removed from the actually killing one step. I understand that steaks don’t come on Styrofoam plates in neatly cute pieces of meat. I have bottle fed cows. I just don’t have a desire to work in a slaughter house. But I respect those individuals that do so that I have food to put on my table every night and I am thankful that they are willing to do so.

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