He’s Kidding Right???

Okay, I know it’s a scam, even my email program recognized it as such, but I had to just laugh. I have been so overwhelmed with responsibilities in my own life lately and today I get an email entitled: My Last Will and Testament It then goes on to state that: “This is Name Withheld though I was tempted to not, I was led by my good spirit to use you as a partaker of my Last Will and Testament. I know it may sound unbelievable but this is just the truth and I honestly do not want anything from you in return. Please, get back to me for more
Mr. Name Withheld against my better judgment

Is he freaking serious? He wants me to be responsible for his last will and testament. Dude, if I didn’t want you to know my email address was real and that I was real person I would have written you a nice email telling you where you could stick your last will and testament. I have enough responsibilities these days thank you very much. I don’t need you and your last will and testament, I have my own life to live. Geesh, some people think they can just die and someone on the Internet will probate their estate for them for free. Are you serious, dude? Die on your own dime. I am busy raising kids and an old woman over here. Too busy making beds for my guinea pig and trying to keep a car running. Too busy trying to figure out if I should stay home or go back to work. Probate your estate, haven’t had time to make my own will lately, must less read yours. Geesh! I’m sure if I read the email, he left me $80 bagillion too, and all I have to do is give him my checking account number. Heck, I could do that right here, it’s empty already, so you all could empty it out all you want. There’s not a drop of money in it anyway. I have three kids. One in college, one headed that way, one wants to cheer and be in the band. Dude, you are three scams too late. The laughs on you.

Sorry, but this scam just got me. Did he seriously think I’d want to read his will? That I’d go, oh look he left me $80 bagillion without ever meeting me. And all I have to do is put his will through probate. Yeah right. Like that process is cheap or easy. And the name which I blocked out is as common as John Doe, but more real. Where would I find his death certificate and how would he let me know when he’d died? If someone else is going to inform me, couldn’t they probate his estate? I mean seriously, didn’t he think I’d think this one through, before I corrupted my hard drive or worse yet, let him wipe out my checking account. But again, these guys must make money or they’d stop, so someone out there some where has replied to his email. What I am saying is DON’T. Let him probate his own Will. And may it be soon.


2 thoughts on “He’s Kidding Right???

  1. Hi

    When my grandma was growing up, no one ever locked their doors, to the point that when they moved it took her parents 3 weeks to find the keys.

    I asked her once why this was and her reply was “we were all so poor that if a burglar had gone in, they would have felt so sorry for us they would have left something for us, not deprived us.

    Maybe if you show them your bank account they may leave you something [lol].

    In all seriousness, they only need one to do as they ask and it would be like all their birthdays have come together.

    Here in the UK during the last few days the news has been full of fake charity appeals being sent via email for Haiti, even fake Red Cross ones. Some of them have been traced to Spain and Nigeria, I know it is unchristian of me, but wherever they originate from, they are sick.

    The authorities believe they may have been sent millions [although they will never know exactly how much]. This is money that could have been so life giving and those that have given in this way will think twice in the future.

    It is very very sad.

  2. Lin, I don’t think it’s unchristian of you at all. Christ would have been so angered by that. There is so much hurting in Haiti (and other places around the world) for anyone to take food and clothing out of their mouths and off their backs for their own gain is reprehensible. I have said it before here and I will say it a million times. Looters should be shot. These are the worse types of looters, the hidden ones. The ones without faces.

    Yup, you can tell it angers me. I was that child that the Red Cross fed one day. I was that child that was frightened. I was that child that didn’t have hope until someone from our church fed us. So when someone comes into a home where someone has nothing, and takes away what little they have whether it be by force, like the two men that my dad held at gunpoint in what was our living room in 1974, or by Internet by scam in 2010, it is still looting, and looting is still stealing from someone less fortunate than you are. I hope the authorities are able to catch them and are able to prosecute to the full extent of international law. But if they aren’t, I serve a much higher Authority that is watching, and does believe in justice. And He is the ultimate in deciding what behavior is Christlike. 🙂

    I haven’t given to work in Haiti outright. I give through the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention via Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong Offerings. We also give via The Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund. I encourage anyone wanting to give to Haiti to give to an organization that they know is legitimate, that they know is on the ground working in Haiti, and that they contact instead of one that contacts them. I give through my local church, because I know that 100% or very close to that, goes directly to work to feeding and serving people in areas like Haiti and the missionaries that work in those areas. (It’s important to me as a Christian that people be fed both spiritually as well as physically.)

    It’s important that no matter what group you chose to donate money to, that you know everything there is to know about that organization before you donate. The Red Cross is an excellent organization with branch offices all over the world. You can donate to them on their website, so there is no need to go through a secondary organization.

    I agree Lin, it’s very very sad that we have to be so suspicious. Until Christmas of this year, we never locked our doors either. Now you can bet we do.

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