And in the Miss Division…

the third runner up is…

Well actually they said, #5, because that was her number for the night, but in real life, you guys know her as #2. She is, of course the most beautiful to us, but in the pageant world where girls do this semi-professional, a girl who signed up hoping to win a free limo (which turned out to not be the prize because there weren’t enough contestants) and who’d only done two other pageants, one at one and one in Kindergarten did pretty good, I think, to get third runner up. Not that they weren’t beautiful, Thank God I didn’t have to judge it. My first choice was #2, but my second choice didn’t even place. But she was pleased. I am pleased, because she’s happy.

To me, she’s always been beautiful, because she’s beautiful on the inside where God looks. She takes up for her friends when they are hurting, even if it means she may face consequences that might not be in her best interest. She loves the sick, injured. For her, the handicapped aren’t a summer project, they are family. If someone said to me that she didn’t notice they were handicapped I’d consider it an honor. It would mean that I had truly taught her to see beyond their disabilities to see their heart and personalities. That’s the kind of person she is. She’s had many best friends over the years and she’s remained close with them, but she’s had one really true bestest friend since Kindergarten. They are inseparable. If it is true that if one wants to truly know their child they only need to look at who their best friend, then my child has a heart of pure gold because her bestest friend in the whole world is the sweetest angel on the earth. If #2 was broken about anything tonight it was that L didn’t place in the top four as well. College will split them up for the first time in thirteen years. When I think of the sleep overs, girl scout cookies, movies, bowling trips, giggle-a-thons, and talks about boys these two have been through in the last thirteen years, it’s hard to see it all winding down. I know they will always be bestest friends, but time and space will slowly come between them for the first time. L, you always have a home here baby. We love you like a third daughter.

And to #2, congrats! You have made me proud as I can be once again. I love you sweetcakes.


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