What is that warmth on my shoulders…

Oh my gosh, I got up this morning to sunshine on my shoulders. It was so wonderful to be woken up that way, even before Leo did. LOL

Hubby and I normally go out to breakfast on a date on Saturday mornings, but this morning, he was solo, because I had a date with #2. She is in a beauty walk tonight and I took her out to get her hair done. Now I could have done this at home. In fact, I have a license from the state telling her I am qualified to do so and years ago, I did hair for young girls going to beauty walks of their own. But at 17, my second born has never been to a real salon to have her hair done. So I took her to have it done and we got breakfast on the way and had a little girl time. For me, being in the salon was like old home day, but for her, it was stressful at first, unfamiliar territory. But nevertheless, she adored the pampering.

It was a perfect day all day. Hubby and I went shopping and then came home to just enjoy the beautiful day! It’s really cool out still, but at least the sun makes you realize that summer is on it’s way!

And introducing our newest family member… Bambi! Yup, Flower has a brother. He’s in quarantine right now, so officially they haven’t met. They have to stay apart for a few more weeks while I make sure the new baby isn’t sick. Are you starting to see a theme here? And are you starting to see a mother that caved? Well, we are done. I only agreed to the brother, because Flower seems depressed in the daytime when the girls aren’t home and reading about guinea pigs, I realized they are herd animals and he needed a brother. So in a few weeks, he’ll finally get one. Hopefully all will go well and they will get along and live peacefully or this Meadow is going to be a very unpleasant place to live in. ;(

So hopefully the weather will hold tomorrow, because God knows it was better than any anti depressant known to man for me just to see it shining this morning. Every where we went everyone was acting like little kids playing in the sunshine. One store clerk apologized and I laughed. We haven’t seen a lot of sun since this time in 2008, so I think we are due. LOL


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