Our New Game…

Flower and I have a new game… His cage is in my office on #3’s old computer desk. She quit using it since she got a laptop for Christmas and it’s big enough for his cage and so I can keep an eye on him and he’s with the family more. When he wants to play he’ll jump on his bed and look at me and then run around the bottom half of his cage all crazy guinea pig like and then up the ramp he goes and then he’ll jump up and look at me over the coroplast and the charge down the ramp and do it all again. I can actually give him commands now like “go up the ramp” and he’ll almost do it on command. Well, since I pretty much know where he’s headed, I can give the right command. LOL
But it’s fun to watch him popcorning around and running all crazy around the cage.

The general rule of thumb is that guinea pigs don’t need tops to their cages, if the sides are tall enough, because they don’t try to get out of them. Whoever made this general rule of thumb, however, never met Flower. As I was writing this post, I turned just in time to see him leap through the air and land in his hay loft. That put him in perfect position to then jump out of his cage. The cage now has a roof. I am glad that he’s happy enough to be jumping and running and popcorning around his cage, but I want him in said cage when I am not supervising him playing in the floor, not flying through the air with the ungreatest of ease. The cage is on a computer desk. It is secure on the desk, but still it’s a long way from the desk to the floor.

But he still loves the game of running crazy guinea pig around the cage. He loves for me to call him upstairs and down. He loves the interaction with me. It’s hilarious to watch as he runs in his tunnel and up the ramp and hops on his bed and runs back down. Right now, he’s calmed down. Maybe he got scared after his near miss with the hay loft. He’s eating hay and resting. Soon he’ll be looking at me through the grids readying for another game of chase.

I guess it’s a good thing I gave in and let the kids get another pet. They sure are enjoying him. 😉


One thought on “Our New Game…

  1. LOL! We have loved all of our hamsters for the same reasons…they are really fun and funny and do respond to being with us. Glad to know you and Flower are bonding.

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