The Day I’ve Been Dreading Wasn’t So Bad…

We got Flower a brother because from what I read guinea pigs are herd animals and it was best that they not live alone. So we’ve been in quarantine and it’s gone well, but I’ve been dreading the day that they finally got together. I’ve read that it can be quite rough. And that I should leave them together unless there was bloodshed. Yes, bloodshed.

So today I decided we’d go ahead and introduce them because #3 was home from school and at this point if either guinea pig should show any illness, they’d both go to the vet anyway, and as our three weeks was up, I figured we were good to go, so we came home from the orthodontist from getting braces and put out a clean piece of fleece and she got Bambi and I got Flower and we put up a gate and introduced them.

They did have their moments, but it was fairly mild overall.

Want to see how it went?

I think that is pretty good, don’t you. No bloodshed, just a nice nap together on their blanket after playing together for about two hours in the floor. Now to a nice clean cage and the new brothers are going to be very happy together. Let’s just hope it stays this way…


2 thoughts on “The Day I’ve Been Dreading Wasn’t So Bad…

  1. Oh my gosh, they look so cute. I can’t let Buttercup see that or my next pet (after Biscuit goes to the hamster ball in the sky) will be TWO guinea pigs.

  2. For Buttercup they would be great pets. I wouldn’t recommend guinea pigs to every parent with a child of Buttercup or #3’s age though, because:
    1) They are a lot of work. The cage is much larger than a pet store cage (ours is 4 times as large) and so cleaning it takes a lot more work. Even though we use fleece and mattress pads, I clean the cage myself to make sure it is done properly, so this isn’t really a job I would think a child could do.
    2) They are expensive to feed. They need hay constantly. Lots of it. I am looking for a local source, but for now I can order online and pay $hipping, or buy it in bag$. Until I can find a local source that is cheaper, I am paying about $10 a week on hay for my two.
    Then they have to have about a cup a day of fresh veggies. I feed more than that right now because my two are growing and they want more than that and I feel like they need a little more.
    They also have to have pellets.
    3) The cage takes up more room. Mine is almost 3 feet wide by 6 feet long. That is way more than a hamster cage. But it is so worth it to see them have room to run around and popcorn and play with each other.
    4) They don’t like a lot of excitement so that doesn’t make them good pets for rowdy boys. That’s why I’d say yes to Buttercup, but I would be less likely to tell a friend at church whose boys are the same age the same thing.

    They are great loving pets, but they need care and love back. I was really reluctant to get another animal because of the care our poor dog needed and so I made sure I knew what I was getting into this time. I don’t mind that they need a bigger cage, because they have room to roam and they reward me watching them play together. I don’t mind the veggies because #3 and I are veggie eaters too and the four of us share. LOL

    But if you are willing to make room for them, wiling to feed them properly then they are great pets for someone who like my #3 doesn’t care for the out of doors much. She loves sitting with them and petting them and they reward her with lots of talking to her and lots of nibbles. They are really sweet animals, but they need a home where the owners are willing to learn about them and willing to do what it takes to care for them properly. Unlike hamsters you can’t just put in the food and go on vacation for a week. I know you guys take your hamster with you, so I think you’d be great guinea pig parents. He’d do great on the road, even if you had to go to a smaller temporary home while you traveled, at least he’d be with you and Buttercup.

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