Beautiful Weather We’re Having…

and you know how I know?

My emails with cemeteries are picking up. LOL Can’t wait to have some free time to get them online. But the weather has been really nice lately and I have been enjoying it by getting some much needed housework done and shopping with my best friend and trying to just enjoy life now that the winter seems to finally be leaving the Deep South for good.

Today I took my best friend out for her birthday lunch and shopped and mopped my kitchen floor. A total success of a day if you ask me. LOL Funny how easily I am made happy these days. Tonight I am just chilling. Shopping wears me out. And she has a lovely 5 year old, otherwise known as the Practice Grandson, and shopping with a five year really wears me out. He’s a great kid, but you forget how much energy they have when yours are almost grown.

I love driving around town these days as it seems every yard has burst out in color. Spring has put on her full color wardrobe this year. After a very wet Summer and Winter, God has decided to bless us with an absolutely beautiful Spring. The grass is greener already than I remember it being this time of year most years. But that also means bugs will be worse this year too. Yuck. Not looking forward to that part of Spring and Summer.

The air smells wonderful and our neighbors have given me a break from the constant burning they seem to do this time of year so I have really enjoyed being outside lately. Hope they continue to hold off a little longer. Love me some outdoors!

So it’s going to be early to bed for this girl. Tomorrow is another busy day. I may even find time to get those cemeteries online!


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