Piggies and Organization…

Yup, it had to happen…

I can’t stand for things to be disorganized. It just gets on my nerves after a while. Things just get lost or you can’t find them when you need them so this week, I have been organizing the Piggies and their cage. They sit on top of an old computer desk, so one side of the desk has a leg that has adjustable shelves. On that side, I was able to roll up the bedding and put it on the shelves so it’s easily grabbed when I need clean bedding. We use fleece on top of mattress pads so I have enough of each for 4 beds. That way I can change the cage at least three times in one day if necessary. God I hope it is never necessary. LOL Usually I change it about every 5 days.

On the other side of the cage is a where the CPU would go and on that side I keep the folded fleece and I got some plastic boxes and store the fleece for my ramps and hidies that I have specially cut to fit. That way they don’t get lost or dropped into the floor and then get dirty. Because piggies hate dirty fleece. LOL

Then between the legs I have a big box of hay. And a container of pellets. Because the cage is wire, I hung S shaped hooks off the cage, and hung their brushes, broom and other things that could hang off the cage. In the drawer where pencils go, I can keep pencils, extra connectors, etc.

The reason for all this organization. The cleaner I keep their area, the less time I spend working on keeping it clean and the more time I have for genealogy or shopping or napping, my other three hobbies. So like most everything else in my life, I realized my piggies needed a little organization. The time I spent the week getting their area organized will save me hours and hours of time later hunting for things I need for their care.

What areas this week could use a little of your time getting organized and what would you do with the time it would free up for you?


One thought on “Piggies and Organization…

  1. Okay, don’t laugh, but I’ve been working it out in my mind how I can get another shelf in my greenhouse without buying another shelf, which means I have to consolidate some of the stuff I am currently storing to free up a shelf. (Make sense?) I think I’ve just about worked out how I am going to do it, but I suspect you’ll completely get it when I say I think about things a lot before I start moving anything!

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