The Practice Grandchildren…

Seven years ago a little couple came to our church. They had no family near and having been in that predicament, we took them under our wing. They had a little girl and we adopted her as our practice Granddaughter. We cherished our new role. When they needed some away time as parents, we took her and spoiled her in ways that only Grandparents could. We didn’t take over the role of her Grandparents. In fact, she has two sets of perfect Grandparents in real life that we love dearly. They are wonderful people who adore their grandchildren and don’t see them enough. She also has a real life Great Grandmother that loves her too, but they all live far far away and we were here for the day to day things like grocery store trips or doctor visits.

Two years later, they blessed us with a baby boy, our practice Grandson. We couldn’t have been more thrilled. We could practice spoiling him now too. These two special kids would get us by until our own children grew up enough to give us real grandchildren. We weren’t in any hurry for those blessings, but for now, the practice Grandchildren were fun to take places, spoil and let them eat popcorn for dinner. Just don’t tell their momma, who was very big on veggies for dinner. 😉

Seven years has passed quickly. Saturday morning I was at church getting ready for Easter services. I run the video portion of our church services. I was making sure all the songs were typed in correctly. I was making sure you could read them on the screen. Hubby was checking mikes and making sure all our satellite outlets were working in case we had a really large crowd. I looked up and here came my practice Granddaughter down the aisle with the biggest grin on her face and when she saw me she started running straight to my arms.

And what she said has had me smiling since Saturday.

“I got saved!”

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3

Happy Easter from me and little A.


2 thoughts on “The Practice Grandchildren…

  1. Blessings all around! You all are so fortunate to share in each other’s lives and to be able to share in all those amazing life moments.

  2. Yes, we are so fortunate. I hope we get to watch them grow up. A is now hoping I will hurry up and have grandchildren when she’s a teenager so she can babysit for me and keep the tradition going. Since I have at least 6 years, I think she might be in luck. LOL

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