Remember Frostbite?…

It was an Atari Video game where you jumped from iceberg to iceberg. If you didn’t make it in time, a polar bear would come running out of his igloo (cave?- heck it’s been 30 years) and he’d eat your little 500 pixel man. Well I built the Guinea Pigs these little houses out of coroplast and now Flower hides in his waiting on Bambi to come by and then he comes rumble-strutting out of it at Bambi and I swear he looks just like that polar bear from Frost Bite. LOL

Rumble-strutting is a form of dominance dance that guinea pigs do. It’s Flowers way of showing Bambi he’s the most dominant. Frankly, Bambi could care less. He perfectly happy with Flower being most dominant. Or least dominant, or not even there. Bambi is the most laid back character I have ever met. You want to be dominant, then be dominant. Doesn’t bother him any. He’ll do what he’s told. Sure thing. No problem. Which frankly ticks Flower off to no end. It’s hard to be the dominant one if the submissive one isn’t going to fight back just a little. So instead Flower hides in his cave and occasional comes rumble-strutting out at Bambi. It’s a lot like life. A lot of us create more conflict in our lives than is really necessary. Most of the time we go looking for trouble, because the other person being cooperative just isn’t all that much fun. Like Flower, we’d rather hid in ambush than meet the other person half way.

Who haven’t you met half way this week? Would your life be less stressful if you just met them at the hay box and hashed things out over a few bell peppers?


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