Man, is it ever quiet here…

#1 is at work. Haven’t even seen him since he came home from college YESTERDAY. #2 is at work and just called to see if she could go somewhere with the new boyfriend. #3 went up to clean the room and never came back down. My guess is she is asleep. Hubby is reading the internet. The guinea pigs are munching on the world’s biggest salad. Leo, after an hour long concert, is now asleep. The ice in my Coke just settled and it sounded like Niagara Falls. That’s how quiet it is here.

But I’m not complaining. I like solitude occasionally. I like being by myself. I can entertain myself quite nicely, thank you very much. I took a three hour nap today. One hour I just pretended to be asleep so I could have some solitude. 😉

I remember when the older two were little, I would have paid you for peace and quiet, so now I soak it up, even if it seems to come much too often these days. I know it won’t be many more years before they’ll be married and bringing in the grandchildren, or grand dogs, or whatever it is that makes noise and messes up my house. I will cherish that time of life as well, but for now, I am going to cherish the solitude. At least, as long as guinea pigs take to eat the world’s largest salad…


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