Protecting Memories…

It’s been a rough week… In the last 48 hours I have had the chance to recreate some memories for my cousin whose house was damage in the floods that are affecting the TN area. She’s cleaning up her flooded home. I sent her some pictures via email. I didn’t have much from her side, but I shared what I could to restart her new home. Some of her pictures were saved, though they are damp. Next will be my aunt, who lost everything in a fire. Luckily for her, she has entrusted me with everything over the years. I have her wedding picture, her children’s baby pictures, growing up pictures, birth certificates, everything on my hard drive. All I have to do is hit SEND and her most important memories of the last 40 years will go through cyberspace and back to her home, where she can have them printed to her heart’s desire and back on the walls of her new home as soon as it is finished.

Makes me want to really get busy scanning my own children’s childhoods. ASAP. And then sharing those files with everyone I know. Because this time last week, both of these ladies were living in beautiful homes with all their memories of a lifetime surrounding them in albums, on walls, in boxes in closets, just like you and I. Now, they are gone forever, except for the ones that are on my hard drive. What are you doing to protect your memories?


2 thoughts on “Protecting Memories…

  1. GIve your cousin tips to save muddy wet photos! Try rinsing in clean water – do not rub with towels! If you can, set face up onn towels to air dry – if not time then – place wax paper in between each – then seal in zip lock baggies and freeze – thaw later to air dry! ANother hint – take digital photos of the damaged photos to create new photos, possibly also editing away the damaged parts or “photo shopping’ them.

  2. Oh, how sad! I’m so sorry to hear about their losses. I’m struggling with my own photo issues these days. Thanks for the “sign” I’ve been waiting for.

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