Another week, another mountain of tears…

We’ve had another great week as senior year draws to a close. Band banquet was this week. The 20 seniors were recognized for all their hard work. The band director for hers. We danced, we ate, we cried, we took pictures. It was so bittersweet. On the home front, I am trying to get the house ready for company and summer. Painting porches, mulching flower beds, cleaning house, washing clothes, cleaning bedrooms… Ah, the life of a mom. The sad thing is, I love every minute of it, and I am dreading those years between being a mom with children at home and being a grandmother. Not that I am rushing the grandmother stage, but I am not looking forward to the childfree years either. I like being busy with carpools, doctor’s appointments, teacher’s conferences, sleepovers. It’s how I have defined myself for the last 20 years. Now I am having to redefine who I am and I am not sure I like that so much. Sure I like that I have some free time to do the things I like to do. But figuring out what those things are isn’t easy. Sure I like that I have some time to spend with my husband is nice, but having some money to spend while we do it would be nice too. 😉

Senior year seems to make everyone reflect on their lives. Where you’ve been, where you’re headed. Where we’ve been for the last 13 years was perfect. We’ve lived a good life. Where we’re headed I hope will be as good. I trust that it will be. We have a great outlook on life. We trust that the Lord will provide and our children are hard workers. Yup, there’s been a mountain of tears in the last week. Tears of joy. Because baby #2 is finding her way in the world and I think she’s going to do just fine. Her brother can hardly wait to show her around.


2 thoughts on “Another week, another mountain of tears…

  1. The same journey began for me 2 years ago and I must admit, I felt so grateful to find you…a kindred spirit in parenting, one who wasn’t in a hurry to see it all end, one who enjoyed time spent with her children and wears the title “Mom” proudly. I’ve struggled to find myself in anticipation of the next two moving along…I feel a bit cheated that the world says “woo hoo, they’re gone” while I’m saying, “wait!”… It all works out, but like so many things, I wish I’d seen it coming before it hit me so hard.

  2. Erin,
    That is why I cherish the friendship we have created online. Because you GET IT. You really do. That we aren’t ever done and while they will be okay with whatever choices they make, college, marriage, living in my basement (which thankfully I don’t have. LOL) I want them to make the VERY BEST choices, now while they are young and it’s easier. I am not excited to see them go, but I am happy for them that they are able to go. They are healthy, vibrant individuals who have the world at their fingertips. I will be their parent forever. I hope they will always treat my advice with respect. I don’t expect them to always follow it. But I do want them to know I am here and I care about them if they need someone to ask. So many of my friends are rushing their children out the doors. And they are running TO my house. They aren’t ready to be pushed out. Yes, they need to grow up. I agree with that, and they need responsibilities. But they need loving guidance for a few more years too. My door is always open. I may not give the right advice, but I give it prayerfully and I give it out of love. I respect the choices they are going to make. And I am excited about the people they are becoming.

    Congrats on your recent graduation! I know you are so proud of him. He’s worked very hard for that and now he can use it to make good choices about what to do next. You’re doing a good job too. That’s why I like reading your blog. That and you got to love a good Ninja cat. LOL

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