A Quiet Day Off…

I’ve been hustling and bustling lately trying to make up for some lost time. You might remember that in March of last year, my Mother decided that she wanted to sell her house in TN and move closer to us here in the Deep South. So what followed were weekends between Proms and Graduations and the rain, oh God the rain, where we painted and cut bushes, and grass, and basically went crazy getting her house ready to sell. We had yard sales, and yard sales, and took stuff to the dump and finally the house was ready to list and then it SOLD and we had to move her and well between all that and the rain, NOTHING go done at our house last summer. In fact we didn’t even cut our back yard at all from July on because no one could see it.

So fast forward to now. And let’s just say that we are playing Catch Up. I’ve been weeding and mulching and painting and finally my body said ENOUGH. And so today I am taking a VERY MUCH NEEDED VACATION DAY. I slept until 10:30 and now I am just cycling laundry and reading Facebook. And that is it. Tomorrow is a very special day around here, details later, so I am going to be heading out later for preparation for that. Until then, I am in my PJs, enjoying a quiet day off. Tomorrow I hit the ground running once again, triple step.


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Day Off…

  1. So, is it finally ready for the onslaught of friends and relatives who will descend to join you all as you celebrate #2’s milestones of turning 1

  2. 8 and graduating? (I’m breathing deeply for the first time in two weeks because we’re finally done…I’m tired!)

  3. Well, no, but we’ll make do. LOL I still have tons to get done. But I never expected to get all of it done. I do have to clean and do laundry this week, put down the mulch that is weighing down my van and finish some painting in the front and I am going to CALL IT DONE. 😉

    The rest will have to wait. But it’s great to have something like that to motivate my hubby into action.

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