Another Busy Week On the Roller Coaster…

My daughter turned 18! Yup, she’s now an adult. It’s hard to believe how fast the time has gone by and I’m trying to be excited for her because I know she’s excited, though all she said was, now I can vote, WHOPPIE! It’s not an election year.

Well, little one, you can decide a few local races, Governor, soon President. Hang in there, adulthood has it privileges. Mortgages, car payments, doctor bills, insurance. Soon it will all be yours.

So we spent a busy evening on the day before her birthday celebrating because she wanted to go out on her birthday with her friends and I realized at 18 you really would rather see Iron Man with your bestest and your boyfriend than eat cake with Mom, Dad and Grandma. So we had cupcakes, ate Nasty Chicken from Walmart, a family favorite and gave her a few presents to recognize the milestone. A little mermaid towel, because she is Ariel. A makeup mirror so she doesn’t have to get dressed in the dorm bathrooms and some cash to spend on herself before graduation. I didn’t cry but instead we laughed about the fact that the cupcakes were horribly colored blue and we all had blue teeth after eating them. So we made it to adulthood with another child. It feels good to know that two of my children have made it to adulthood without drinking, smoking or getting pregnant. They’ve both (well, assuming she makes it to next week) have graduated high school with good grades. Not bragging here, though I do feel it’s my right, just recognizing that my children have given me a great deal to be thankful for. Things other parents can’t say. I feel for those parents. But I recognize at the same time how incredibly blessed I am. God has given me two wonderful children that are now adults. And one that will be entering the teenage years in just a few more months. I hope she’ll look to her brother and sister’s examples of how to live her life. They have set the bar very, very high. Not too high to attain, but high enough for her to want to reach for the stars. She is blessed to have them to turn to when she is confused and needs guidance. And I pray that I will have plenty more years to raise her up in the same way I raised the older two. It’s been a joy being a mother of my three children. Now I look forward to being the mother of my three adults…


2 thoughts on “Another Busy Week On the Roller Coaster…

  1. Wow! What a milestone. I know the kids can’t believe it, but it is a milestone for us parents, too. We are watching our lives change just after we feel like we’ve gotten the hang of it all. Handing them the reins of their lives is scary for us: Did we give them the skills they’ll need? Will they dig deeply when they need to? Will the person we know they are come out when they need him/her the most? They can’t imagine that these are the questions and prayers in our hearts as we say simply, “Great job, we’re proud of you.” or “Happy 18th Birthday, you’re an adult now.” But I heard you, loud and clear. You, my friend, did a terrific job with those children you were blessed to receive on loan from above.

  2. Thank you. Yes, that’s it. We question have we done enough,even when we feel like we have. And even if we haven’t, they have to step up now and take over their lives. And where do I go from here. It’s a very scary place to be. But God reminded me Sunday that I am not done, I still have one at home that needs me very much, maybe more than the other two did. And she’s going to be growing up alone, so I need to be there even more and use the expertise I got with the first two on here. Thanks for the kind words my friend. I can always use the encouragement.

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