Yup, I am still alive…

We’ve just been busy. We’ve had graduation and a little rest and a week of Vacation Bible School and I am just in a whirlwind of activity. Expecting summer to die down to swimming, hotdogs and tans here in a few days. But it’s been busy and crazy so far with the kids getting ready to go off to college.

#1 changed his major from psychology to biology which was surprisingly less stressful for all of us than I thought. I think he’s found the path he needs to be on because it just feels so right for all of us. Will be a long road to be on, and costly to graduate, but I feel like he’s on the road to getting to his dreams, just don’t expect to see those dreams fulfilled any time soon. LOL

#2 is ready to go to college. We got dorm assignments for both kids last week, so we at least know they have room. She goes to registration in two weeks.

#3 is slowly adjusting to being an only. I don’t think it’s hit her yet, but she’s starting to realize that her sister is leaving.

And me, I am looking for a job. Don’t think I want to sit here and dwell on my kids being in school and leaving me. Plus the extra money will help with two in school. I know leaving the job I had last year was the right decision now, but I am looking for a new one that will start this new stage in life. Haven’t decided what yet, but I am looking. So that’s keeping me busy too.
In the meantime, we are doing what most families do at the end of the school year. Tossing old school papers, cleaning rooms, having sleep overs, cleaning the pool, readjusting our sleep schedule, and learning to eat at home. I haven’t been to the grocery much this year because with only one child at home at dinner, since the other was working, we haven’t cooked much. Now with everyone at home again, but on weird schedules, I am learning to grocery shop, but cooking around here is worse than a fast food restaurant. Thank goodness they all know how to cook for themselves.


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