You ARE One, But Are You a Good One?…

Our pastor made the remark Sunday that you could be a Christian and not go to Church or study your Bible, and my Mom said she disagreed. So I made the correlation between that and the fact that in the last year I have been a genealogist, but I haven’t done much genealogy due to life just keeping me so busy and here are some things we discovered.

Yes, you can be a SOMETHING, you fill in the blank, Christian, Genealogist, Mother… but if you don’t use the skills and practice them, you will become rusty at them and if someone had to pick between you and another fill in the blank who had been using the skills and practicing them, most people would pick the person who’d been using the skills.

So the point the pastor was making was as Baptist, we believe that once you are saved, you are saved. But you must always be using your skills at Bible Study, Prayer, Worshiping, it you want to truly walk with Christ. The same goes for me as a Genealogist. If I want to be able to truly enjoy my hobby and keep up to date with it, I need to spend some time researching, reading, looking for ancestors. Granted one should be a religion, the other a hobby, but I tend to keep life in perspective. 😉

But what about you? Do you call yourself a FILL IN THE BLANK, but you haven’t spent time doing it lately? It could be that you haven’t spent time with your God, or your hobby, or your children, or your spouse. Life is about keeping it in perspective. But to be good at something, you do have to spend time doing it, so in that respect, since I do want to be good at my Christian walk, I think I will spend the time with my Bible and at church. Actually I think that was the point the pastor was trying to make, I just think mom missed that part somehow. 😉 So what do you want to be GOOD at?


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