And Then I Did More Research…

Well, It never hurts to follow through they say, and when I did, I found Susan and Samuel in 1870 with their daughter Nancy and son Joel. WHAT THE HECK. Where is Jennie and who is Joel. So I followed them to 1880 and there they are with several more kids living next to Nancy Parker in Haywood County, TN. Susan can’t be a mom and wife to four kids in Haywood County, TN and a mom to two girls in Wilson County, TN. I have been researching the wrong woman. Susan Rebecca Parker in not my 3rd great grandmother after all…

Back to the drawing board I go.


3 thoughts on “And Then I Did More Research…

  1. oh, man, what a bummer! So sorry, but thank goodness you are a good researcher and did follow through.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I always follow through for that reason. Susan has taught me well.

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