Okay Maybe I OVER Did It…

We sent our second child off to college for orientation this weekend. I have always prided myself on the job I have done as her mother, but she came home telling us about her classes and this awesome girl she met who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, who wants to be her roommate, and how great orientation was and after about an hour she wanted to go off to her boyfriend’s to celebrate his birthday, and as I sit here in this perfectly quiet house, I am wondering, did I do too good a job at raising my kids to go out into the world and make their own lives? (AND not be dependent on me…)

NAH! I am just kidding, I am so excited for her and can’t wait to met the new roommate and her mom that is supposedly (even #1 said it) my exact twin. LOL I hope they get along all year like they did at orientation. Already they are out looking for matching room accessories. Girls… When #1 went, he took a sheet, a blanket, some clothes and a broom. It came back home in the same packaging I sent it in. Girls have to have matching curtains, sheets, blankets, rugs, microwaves… Half the cost of sending this one to college will be accessorizing the dorm room. Why do I hope it works out with this roommate, well yeah, I’d like for them to stay friends, of course, but it would be cheaper if she stayed with one color scheme room mate for four years. 😉

But I am glad she is excited. A few months ago we weren’t even sure she was going to college. She was in a rough patch, sick of school as most seniors get, boy troubles, bored with the status quo. Now here she is, chattering about her new room mate and all the football games and all you can eat banquets they are planning on eating together. Can you believe it that my child actually found another girl on campus that likes to eat more than she does and doesn’t have to diet either? They will both probably gain 40 pounds their freshman year. LOL She was excited about her classes as well and has a great schedule. Should be an easy year to get her feet wet, make a lot of new friends, learn her way around a new town and start a new life. Heck if I wasn’t going to miss her so much, I’d be all excited too! But around here, it’s just too quiet. Maybe since it’s too far for the room mate to go home a lot, they will come here and get some good home cooking occasionally. Got to figure she’s going to at least miss the new boyfriend…


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