Happy 4th~

Well, we’ve been having fun, been busy, even had some time to do genealogy. Did I mention I love http://www.familysearch.org. Not a member of the LDS church, but I do love what they have done at the new family search. Found a ton of my distant cousins last weekend when the kids were out living their lives and I was home adjusting to the new empty nest. Still not used to the quiet, but I am learning to adjust to the freedom. LOL

Today we are having my husband’s family and my mom over for a big cookout and swim party, so I am gearing up for the party of the century. House is clean, grass is cut, piggies even got a new cage this morning and now we are just waiting on everyone to get here so we can dive into crystal clear waters. Humidity is low thanks to Alex in the gulf and we are ready for a great day!

Have a safe and happy fourth of July where ever you are celebrating today. Enjoy some time with the living relatives. I know they drive us crazy. Just imagine the ones that we deal with on paper would too. If we had to put up with them, genealogy might not be such a fun hobby. LOL But at least we could ask them all those questions we always wanted to know and I bet they wouldn’t know any more than my mother or mother-in-law seem to ever know either.

Still haven’t found ole Susan Markham, but that’s okay, I am pretty sure somewhere out there she’s looking for me and we’ll find each other someday.


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th~

  1. WOW!!! I stumbled across you and your June posting regarding Susan Parker Marcum. She may not be your kinfolk but she is mine. She was the sister to my great grandfather Kemp. See 1860 census Haywood Co. TN. I spent all afternoon yesterday and all morning today finding her line. Her daughter J.E. had a son name Kempy A. Marcum born April 1887.
    How many different way to spell Marcum???? And Kempy, Kempie, Kemp, K.A…..yikes!!
    I find K. A. Marcom age 43 on 1930.Have not found his death. Need to know if he had children and I want to contact them.
    I’ve been working on my Parker family HARD for acouple of months.
    My Kemp and his wife Amanda moved to Texas in January 1906.

    Pat Parsons in Luling, Texas

  2. Pat,

    You don’t know how much I so wanted to be your cousin! LOL I have looked for my Susan for 20+ years and I thought I’d found the gold mine only to have it shot down about 4 hours later. What a bummer. Have you tried the new http://www.familysearch.org? They are putting deaths and births online. Just indexes right now, but it has been a tremendous help to me. You have to deal with misspellings but with a name like Marcum, we are used to that right?
    So I am totally bummed to find out we aren’t cousins, but at least I know there are some great Markham, Marcum, Marcom, Marcun, Mar.. Well you get what I mean cousins out there. LOL

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