Organization-When It is Helpful…

On Tuesday, a week ago, I went out to get hay from the garage for the guinea pigs. We buy our guinea pigs hay in bales and store the extra in the garage, and I have a little bin for inside the house. Well, when I went to get it out of the box, there was too much suction formed around the hay and when I pulled, hay went everywhere. I am allergic to hay and had a massive allergy attack.

I started getting hoarse and coughing the next day and didn’t think much about it. Figured it was from the allergy attack and I was taking my meds so what else could I do. Well, on Sunday, I got up for church and didn’t feel like going. I wanted to be there, but I was really feeling sick. I run the video portion of our Sunday worship and I so hate to miss. I get such a blessing knowing I am adding something visual (pictures) and the words to songs for our hearing impaired worshipers. It’s definitely my ministry and I so hate to miss. So we went and I avoided as many people as possible. We are a hugging church and once people hear you are sick, they come to pray for you, and hug you. I tried to advise people that wasn’t wise, but some did so anyway. I still thought it was allergies at this point, but I didn’t want to make someone sick if it wasn’t.

On Monday, I felt better. Was still hoarse, but felt like I was on the mend. It was the first day of school and I had big plans. I was going to work on the supply closet at church. We have a closet where we keep glue, scissors, etc for our Sunday School teachers and me and another girl are trying to make it more useful for everyone by organizing it. I wanted to work on it for several hours, labeling things. THen a dear member of our church passed away and I found out Monday was the funeral. I couldn’t stay for the funeral since I had to go run carpool, so I went to serve her family lunch instead. It was at the church so I worked on the cabinet and then served lunch. I’d already been to the store that morning, taken #2’s car to the shop, and Dollar General store twice getting supplies, and I felt like I was making progress. It was shaping up to be a good first week of school.

But that night, things changed dramatically. I began to cough to the point of not being able to get my breath. I couldn’t sleep because of the coughing, so #2 took her sister to school on Tuesday and I went to the doctor. What was usually a 10-15 minute drive turned into an hour drive when a dump truck ran a red light and hit another car in the side, killing the driver. It backed traffic up for miles on the main intersection in our town. I took back roads to the doctor, but so did about 1000 other people trying to get to work.

By the time I got to the doctor, I knew I was sick. Very sick. The minute the doctor saw me, he had me lay down on the bedlike thing they have in the office and he said, “I think you have mycoplasma pneumoniae.” #2 had it last year, so I knew it was what people call walking pneumonia. A misnomer if ever I heard one. After running tests, he came back with two shots, an antibiotic, cough medicine and an inhaler. And sent me home to bed and said, “Do not go around anyone for the next three days, you are highly contagious.”

Yeah right. I drove home and went to the pharmacy, telling the tech to stay back as far from me as she could as she rang me up. I got home around 11:30 Tuesday morning and except for brief spells of lucidness, I have slept non-stop. My family assures me today is Friday. I have no idea if they are correct, but I do know I have slept like a baby.

Now Hubby and the kids have kept things running around here. They know where things go. Granted they don’t clean the way Momma does, no one does. LOL But they have kept the laundry washed and put where it belongs. HUbby has been cooking dinner and putting dishes back where they belong. (A dear friend cooked last night, praise God for her and her family, Hubby was able to do the yard work.) When I got up this morning with a little bit of energy, I started my sheets and comforter washing. Hubby will be able to put them back on the bed.

Is my house perfectly clean? No, I had to sweep up hay where someone had fed the piggies and dropped hay, but the animals are being fed. Would I be ready to have a dinner party? Probably if I felt like it, but we’d need to do a little bit of dusting and sweeping first. My point is, because everything has a place, and everything is in it’s place, and because someone here besides me knows that place, I was able to be sick for 4 days without getting out of my bed and they were able to care for themselves, without leaving me a lot of work to do when I did feel better. That’s the beauty of an organized house. It creates less work for you to enjoy life, even if enjoying life means having pneumonia and sleeping for four days.

Looking forward to feeling like caring for my own house again soon, but so appreciate the ones that have prayed for me, and pitched in to help this week. God has blessed me so much and I know that he will bless each of those that cared for me this week. It’s good to be back among the living. Can’t wait to feel good enough to do a little genealogy again. I’ve missed trying to find Susan Markum this week.


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