Don’t Ask Me…

because you won’t be able to hear the answer. LOL Still fighting walking pneumonia and am not sure who is winning at this point. I felt good when I got up this morning, so I convinced Hubby to take me to breakfast as usual and then Kmart for a Rubbermaid tote for all my table clothes in the kitchen. I gave my aunt a bunch of dishes we weren’t using when she was here and I have some extra room under the cabinets, and I wanted to clean, put down new paper, and reorganize under there. Normally this is about a two hour job and I do it in between doing laundry, cleaning the rest of the house, or reading my email. I hardly break a sweat as I take the dishes out, wipe everything down, put in new shelf paper, put back what I want to keep and get rid of the dishes that you can’t remember what you bought them for or what you cook in them.

But with pneumonia, this was an all afternoon job and I became solely entrenched in dishes and getting the job done. Now I am exhausted, hoarse and my kitchen is a semi-wreck. What was I thinking?

So now I am in my recliner, fixing to do a little genealogy and maybe take a nap. Sounds like it was a better alternative for today anyway, since it wouldn’t have messed up my kitchen. And does anyone know why I have an onion slicer? I didn’t even know I had one. Been cutting onions by hand all this time. LOL So much for organization, this one totally snuck by me. I am thinking it was one of those, buy this, get this free thingies that I just couldn’t toss. Maybe we need to just eat more onions. Or maybe I have just discovered a space in my drawer about the size of an onion slicer.


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