UGH! Yup, I have had pneumonia and it takes over your life. Literally and physically. Glad to be among the living again. Believe me, it feels good to fold laundry. I did have one day last week when I felt good though and a friend and I went on a research trip together. We met at the library, researched all morning and then had a great lunch and then rushed home to do carpool. It was so much fun! Didn’t find a thing. LOL But it was still fun. I needed the girl time and so did she, and we just both looked and looked and were thrilled at the end of the day to come home with some fresh feelings and some new leads.

So now I am trying to get my house back in order after being sick for two weeks. No one cleans like Mom does. My oldest two are away at school and now I am trying to get the laundry caught up and the floors mopped and looking forward to going back to work! Yup got a few sub jobs lined up and between those and doing what needs to be done around here, I feel like a wanted woman. At least wanted in the way that someone needs me. It feels good to be wanted.

Also been busy visiting friends. Have had three very wonderful Saints at our church pass away in the last three weeks. God must have needed some laughter in Heaven and now he’s going to get it. We will greatly miss them here, but know that they are happy to be with their Lord. So I’ve been serving food and delivering paper products and being thankful that my Hubby is healthy and alive. We celebrated our 25th anniversary and it makes you realize how much you loved each other all those years ago. It rekindles those feelings to celebrate and celebrate we have, so that leads me to the next thing I have been busy with lately… Exercising an hour a day. Too much celebrating, means too much me and I ain’t buying new jeans, so I walk.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Not much excitement, just normal everyday life, but at least it’s mine and I love every minute of it.


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