Fall is in the Air…

The days are turning cooler (87F yesterday) and I have started wearing sweaters everywhere I go. It’s still cold in restaurants, stores, especially church. Outside is nice, until the wind blows, then it is too cold for this Southern girl. I like it hot.

Been keeping myself really busy lately. I sub a few days a week at the elementary school and I’ve had some fun doing my genealogy with a friend, and I have discovered perfectionism in housework. LOL It’s funny how once two of your three children move away, the house rarely gets dirty, just dusty, and you have so much more time. Poor dust bunnies around here aren’t getting a moment’s peace.

Now that fall is coming, I am thinking towards what we are going to do this winter to entertain ourselves. Sure we’ll play on the Wii and read and there’s always a board game or two, but I want the one kid that is still home to experience life along the way as well. Life is for living, not watching.

As for me, fall is a great time to get back into a full time exercise program. It’s cool enough to walk outside and beautiful as well. There’s lots of yard work that needs to be done before winter and it’s slowly getting nice enough to get it done. Yup, fall is in the air. Now it’s time for me to figure out ways to get my family in it as well.


2 thoughts on “Fall is in the Air…

  1. I love this time of year…seriously love it. (I owe you a long email, I haven’t forgotten…thanks for your long-distance support…it means the world to me!)

  2. Not really a fan of fall, one it means winter is coming and I HATE winter. And it means my allergies are worse, which means more migraines.

    Yup, we both need a long email session. Here for you anytime girl!

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