Ah, Friday…

Why is it we love Friday so much? Is it because we have two whole days to do what we want? Because basically I have that all the time as a stay at home Mom and I work as much if not more on the weekends, what with football games, chores Hubby needs help with, the kids home from college. But Friday just has that special appeal to it. We just love it.

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately cleaning out drawers and closets and such. Hubby comes home every night and has a mini scavenger hunt to see which drawer got the attention that day. I’m almost obsess with getting things organized, but finally after 20 years of having unorganizers living with me, it’s fun to actually accomplish something AND have it stay accomplished. That’s the real thrill is the drawer is still organized by the time Hubby gets home to see. That’s a new feeling for both of us after years of kids decorating the house the way kids tend to do. To motivate myself I’ve been watching old episodes of Hoarders. I am trying to understand that it’s a mental illness and some of the people you can tell they do have mental issues, but I still struggle with people living that way. But with three kids, I’ve seen my share of messes, and I know if you don’t stay on top of things, it doesn’t take long for it to get out of hand. Add in animals and I can see how it happens. That’s one reason why I wanted to downsize our animals and not get anymore. Downsizing the animals has been easy. The dog got cancer at 10, the cat died of liver failure at 13, the bird died of I guess old age at 6, the other cat seems to be trooping right along at 14. Just letting them die of oldage and not replacing them was going well, until #3 decided she wanted guinea pigs…

But I do love the pigs and they are easy to care for once you learn what they need and they don’t poop all over the house. BUt they do poop all over their cage. I guess if I let them run loose they would poop all over the house, but I digress…

So it’s Friday. A long holiday weekend is ahead of us and it’s supposed to be gorgeous. I am thinking it will be lots of fun and family and yeah, probably a few chores to be done. I have a few more drawers that need my attention and I am still working on the garage. Trying to find time to move the cars out and power wash and every time I have time, it’s cold and rainy. But even the garage is more organized. Hubby had been trying to find some hooks for the garage, and no one in town had any. He found some today and when I asked where, he laughed, and shyly said, “In my toolbox…” We’d had them all along.


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