It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We got our Nativity up today outside. Here’s hoping the neighbors leave it alone… The tree is up, the inside decorated and for the first time, we actually have hay in the manger thanks to the guinea pigs…
Speaking of guinea pigs, I am convinced from looking at pictures of other people’s setups that my pigs eat more hay than any other pigs on earth, and that they poop more too. Apparently most people only take pictures of clean cages. My guys love messy cages.

It’s cool here today, but they say it’s going to get really cold later this week and rain. SIGH. So that’s why we got the decorations out today. And now we can just enjoy the holidays. Eat too much, sleep too much, do a little genealogy, wait for the kids to get out of school for the first semester.

So I am setting here with my space heater shining on my feet, fighting a mid afternoon nap after being outside in the cold putting up the lights. But we are ready for Santa whenever he wants to bring his magic sleigh our way. This year, I’d just like to have a peaceful quiet holiday, and avoid all the drama of last Christmas. Watch a few Christmas movies, find an ancestor or two on the census, get stuff bought and wrapped and paid for before the new year. I am pretty easy to please.


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