Winter Blahs…

Okay, I am not a fan of winter. There now, I said it. I don’t like to be cold, I don’t like snow (which is why I choose to live in the Deep South), I don’t like gray weather outside. I like it hot. I like it semi-humid. I like the pool and the wind and kids under foot. And well, I don’t care for this winter we are having. Kids underfoot aren’t underfoot when they are snowed in at home. With only one kid at home, unless her friends are here, I am very much a one woman show these days.

So I have the winter blahs. Don’t even like to go shopping because it involves getting out in the cold and wet. Can’t get motivated to do anything at home either but watch TV and I’m not really all that big a fan. Tempted to start an internet flame war just for the stimulation it would provide. Nah, even I can’t sink that low. So instead I sit here trying to convince myself that now would be a good time to scan documents or get a few cemeteries online or try and find a new ancestor. Anything productive. Fold the load of towels I washed this morning instead of setting them on fire by re-drying them a third time. Yup, I am that bored.

But on a positive note, my tulips are 4 inches high in the garden this morning. Spring is on it’s way. If I can just be patient a little while longer. So my prayers and love go out to those of you under feet of snow trying to stay sane and warm. At least here today it’s just cold and dreary. It could be worse.


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