Okay, I need a new desk chair…

I have hated this chair almost since I brought it home. It was expensive, so that has kept me going, but it hurts by neck to sit in it and finally, I have decided I need a new chair. So I went shopping. In the almost two decades since I bought this chair, expensive has apparently been redefined. Because the chair I wanted, was $249. Now I admit, I hope this will be my last desk chair, but for that price, I could have bought a brand new recliner. For that price, I could just pay someone to do genealogy for me.
Now I know I am cheap and all, but seriously, don’t they make cheaper chairs that have a lumbar support in them?

So then I went to Walmart. Saw a nice chair on clearance for $34 that would probably do what I want. But here’s the kicker. The test drive chairs were on a display, 4 feet off the ground, and they were bolted to the floor. Seriously? How do they expect a person to know if this chair is comfortable when they can’t sit in it? So, I came home with nothing. And I still need a new chair. Or a bigger wallet. Maybe I will just buy the recliner, and give up the desk altogether.


2 thoughts on “Okay, I need a new desk chair…

  1. I am a TMG v8 user and very interested in the many TMG Tag Types that you’ve created. Are any of them by chance availabe for download. If so, please send me the details. Thanks ahead of time.

  2. Byron,
    I have hundreds. I will try and export them to you when I get a chance. May be a few days. Busy week. You will probably need to do some cleanup on them though. I am constantly tweaking them. A lot of my role sentences are on the TMG sentences forum at http://www.whollygenes.com though if you want to look at them. I exclusively use custom roles with only a very few exceptions.

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