Oh where, oh where has that genealogist gone….

You’re probably thinking  I have disappeared off the face of the earth. No I haven’t, but big changes have occurred at our house in the last year.  First the preschool I worked for shut down. It was sad to see it go. It performed a good service in the community, but alas problems of a few years ago affected how it was being run in the meantime and it just couldn’t be overcome.

In March, I took the job of Youth Director at our church. A position I’d tried to avoid for years. Finally God would take “No” no longer as an answer. So I work 20 hours a week, mostly from home, planning Bible Studies and outings for about 25-30 teenagers. Yup, God didn’t think I was busy enough with my three, he decided I needed 30 more. 😛  So far I am loving the job. I love the flexibility of being able to set my own hours, I love the kids and I love not having that commute every morning. If I do need to work at the church, it’s closer to my home.  And boy am I learning things about the Bible I never knew before.
#1 is a senior this year. He has three more semesters to go before he gets his BS in Journalism. He’s had a hard time finding his way, but I think he’s finally found something that he enjoys. Let’s hope it will also have him employed. :O)  I can’t believe that this time next year, I’ll be planning another graduation!

#2 is a junior this year. Still in interior design and loving it.

And #3 is a freshman and marching in the band. So our Friday nights are filled with football. Our weekends are quiet as she either sleeps all day Saturday or she’s gone to competitions.  Such a difference from the days when three kids were home constantly.
And the genealogist in me has been busy getting my TMG database ready to move to TMG 8.  Yup, I am still with TMG 7.    I am excited about TMG 8, but I am waiting for some role handling issues to be settled; both in TMG 8 and in my own database.  So I am cleaning up sentences, adding roles, deleting roles, sorting roles, etc in getting ready for my final move to TMG 8.   I admit, I am ready. It has some features I am so ready to use.  I especially love the new report writer.  Since I can only print to PDF from TMG7, I am excited to play with the new report writer.  And the ability to accent tag types has been on my wish list for years.
And I am slowly starting to begin making time for my genealogy again. I try and get a little Bible Study and errands run before 10 each morning and then I have an hour or two after lunch to work on genealogy.  So hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon. I want to post some more Saturday Stories. I want to find something cool in the 1940 census and I want blog more. That’s my goals for this winter.  That and stay warm….


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