Update and off we go….

I realized I haven’t blog in a long time. I can only blame my absence on Facebook. Talking to people I actually know instead of posting almost anonymously here.  But I realized I miss it.  Lately I have been busy doing new research and am excited to share some of what I find.

I love using FamilySearch.org these days. They are adding new actual documents almost every day, but I am still waiting on deeds from Tennessee. I love the wills and settlements that they have online and don’t really care that they are not indexed. Just wish they’d do the same thing with deeds as well.

Also recently started using TMG 8.08.  As I said, I have been waiting for them to fix some issues with how TMG handled roles. They have done that. TMG 8.08 still has a few minor bugs, but it does seem to be stable and so I have been using the new features that were released about 16 months ago. 

In my real life, #1 has one more semester of college. He plans on graduating in December.  He has moved into an apartment with #2’s boyfriend and they are both working and going to school.

#2 rented a house with three other girls and starts her senior year this year too. She’ll graduate in May. 

#3 is finishing her first year of High School.  It’s been a busy year and we are settling in to live with Mom at home more.  I only work 20 hours a week, and since I do most of that from home, I don’t have any commute time saving me about 4 hours a week.  The extra time allows me to do some of the things I love and some of the things I need to do.  And since I am working at home, the washer and drier can work while I work, something I couldn’t do when I worked outside the house.

So with the start of summer, I hope to be back, at least once a week.  This will be our first summer to not have the older kids home from college. Got a lot planned for me and #3 though so it won’t be a quiet one.  Here’s hoping the brickwalls fall all around.


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